The chairman of Sunnypol won the national "Ten Thousand Talent Program" Source: Release Time:2018/12/01

After the application and expert review, Zhang Jianjun, the chairman of Sunnypol Company, was awarded the “National High-level Talents Special Support Plan” leading talent certificate jointly issued by the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, also known as the “Ten Thousand Talent Program”.

The Ten Thousand Talent Program is a grand plan covering a wide range of fields, involving many departments and a long implementation cycle. It is approved by the Central Committee and is jointly launched by 11 ministries and commissions including the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It will be used for 10 years to select 10,000 outstanding talents, leading talents and young top-notch talents in the fields of natural sciences, engineering technology and philosophy and social sciences, and provide special support for them, so as to speed up the training and create a group of high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talents that provide strong support for building an innovative country.

Chairman Zhang passed the selection and won the "National High-level Talents Special Support Program" leading talents. It is the recognition and commendation of Mr Zhang’s long-term commitment to polarizer film and contribution in the field of polarizer industry. It is also an endorsement and recognition of Sunnypol. Sunnypol will take this as a new starting point, continue to work on the polarizer business and further improve the polarizer industry, and make its own contribution to the early formation of a complete domestic flat panel display industry chain.