Technology R & D

Since its establishment, independent research and development and technology innovation have been seen as the root of Sunnypol' survival and development. Sunnypol has established polarizer R&D center, and a development team with strong professional technology and innovation ability. Meanwhile, Sunnypol owns advanced research and development instruments, perfect software and hardware development environment, independent intellectual property rights and independent innovation ability. Sunnypol has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise. Sunnypol polarizer R&D center has been evaluated as the municipal engineering technology research center in 2012, and as Guangdong province polarizer  technology research and development engineering center in 2013. Until 2020, Sunnypol has obtained nearly 40 inventive and utility model patents which have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Bureau.

Sunnypol has a professional team of 16 R & D experts, and has more than 100 professionals specialized in the research and development and marketing of polarizer products. And Sunnypol cooperates with many domestic universities and research institutes. R & D expenditures account for about 10% of sales revenue each year, and later Sunnypol plans to increase the proportion of R & D expenditures to 12-15%. Sunnypol adopts an equity incentive mechanism for core R & D personnel to retain talents and form a strong atmosphere of innovation.

Sunnypol has successfully launched PVA continuous feed control technology, secondary stretch extension control technology, the glue formula feeding of PVA and TAC composite, and the control technology of solving the scratch of TAC surface,which have independent intellectual property rights. The series of products are widely used in medium and small size liquid crystal display and 3D display devices. At present, Sunnypol integrates multiple resources, relying on independent research and development, school-enterprise cooperation, customer resources and government support to continuously develop and innovate to overcome many technical difficulties, and develop large-size TFT polarizers, ultra-thin polarizers, polarizers with APF, smart window polarizers, 3D polarizers and a large number of international advanced domestic leading products. Sunnypol gives full play to the advantages of technology and localization, develops together with customers, customizes the design, and wholeheartedly provides customers with professional polarizer technology solutions. Sunnypol contributes to the localization and production of polarizers, the establishment of a complete domestic flat panel display industry chain, and the enhancement of the national industry of polarizers.