Sunnypol polarizer products include TFT polarizer, black and white polarizer (TN, STN, dye series), 3D glasses polarizer and OLED polarizer, a total of four categories and eight series. Our products cover all kinds of LCD modes. At the same time, according to customer needs, we can independently develop high-special customized products with high durability, ultra-thin, ultra-wide viewing angle, and high transmittance. Polarizer products are widely used in industrial applications such as mobile phones, tablet computers, computer displays, LCD TVs, and 3D glasses, anti-glare lenses, filters for photographic equipment, etc., and polarized microscopes, special medical glasses and other special applications.
Sunnypol’s existing products have four major categories, covering various LCD display modes, and can meet the needs of customers at different levels of high, middle and low-end. At the same time, with the first-class development team, we can also provide customers with polarizer solutions with various optical functions.