Sunnypol wins the Best Delivery Award at Huaqin Core Suppliers Conference Source: Release Time:2018/12/13

On December 13, with annual quality performance ranking the highest among all the suppliers,Sunnypol was invited and won the Best Delivery Award on the 2020 Huaqin Core Suppliers Conference held in Nanchang. 

With the theme "Challenging a New Height· Leading the Future Together", the conference aimed to thank core suppliers in various fields for their outstanding contributions and raise higher requirements. The Best Delivery Award represented the highly praise to Sunnypol’s excellent product quality, manufacture, delivery, and customer service by the Huaqin group.

Sunnypol has always insisted on customer first and being customer-centric and creating value for customers. In the future, Sunnypol will persist in optimizing and upgrading manufacture process of polarizer, making continuous new breakthroughs, delivering reliable and competitive products for clients and striving to become the top polarizer supplier as well as technology solution provider all over the world.